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Owner/Operator of East Coast Energy Radio.
Raven is from NY and has been on the radio scene for a few years. She has a huge passion for Rock n' Roll as well as mixing several other genres.
Her forte is House Music of all types and mixes with a style that is a real treat.
Raven is the hostess of the Rockin' with Raven & Friends show every Wednesday at 1pm est.
"One Love In Music!"


Massachusetts, USA

DJ Skully & Scorp have over 25 years of disc jockey experience combined. Our music range.... always looking out for that deep amazing B Side . We can be hired through the Tropical Fuse Studios & Entertainment Facebook Page


Palermo, ITALY

PePeR d3 is a very talented EDM DJ from Italy who brings all kinds of EDM variety to his shows!
"Music is Therapy!"


Toronto, CANADA

Thanks to all the listeners! Its great to be involved in this great music community where we can all share our creativity and love for music. My sets usually consist of a bit of every type of House - Deep, Tech, Funky, Soulful and Progressive.

Thanks to all the great producers and artists out there who are creating these amazing sounds for us to select and mix.
Shout out to Mixcloud for getting me back into the mix.
Currently a member of the East Coast Energy Group and Guild.


French Alps, FRANCE

I live in Savoy in the French Alps

Welcome to the sound of"Underground Rivers" to make you appreciate the new Disco House, Tech House and House music but that's not all ...

Host for private party
Enjoy all my sounds, tell me what you think

Who sows sound time harvests the tempo
Thank you very much for your support


Amsterdam, Netherlands

FrenzCook resident DJ in a Club in Noordwijk (Holland) from 1992 to 2009. The house-mix sound he played was Mellow, Euro Dance, Dance, Dutch House, House, Groovy House, Trance, Hardhouse, Deep House, Progressive, Tech House, Indie / NuDisco & techno. ... All this with the love for dance music ......



Hello everyone. I'm DJ Craig Twitty. I am from New York. I have been a DJ since 1978 and my musical influences include, Larry Levan, Tee Scott, Tony Humphries, David Morales, Frankie Knuckles, Shep Pettibone, Jellybean Benitez, John Robinson and Little Louie Vega.
The BEST in New York underground house and garage music as I continue to keep the underground sounds of house music ALIVE!!!!


Brindisi, ITALY

Benvenuti e Grazie per l'ascolto! Non esitate a condividere e Commentare, I miei generi musicali preferiti sono La Disco e Funky degli anni 70 e 80 la Deep House, Nu-Disco, Club House.
Buon divertimento e Buon ascolto.

Welcome and thank you for listening! Let me know what you think of my show, My favorite kinds of music are The Disco and Funky 70's and 80's, Deep House, Nu-Disco, Club House.
Have fun and Enjoy.



Welcome to Sookyboymix
Choose what you prefer and serve it......
Music is LIFE and PASSION.



Preferences for Disco, House, Trans, Psy Trans.
Mixing with Vinyl and Serato DVS (DVS Vinyl).

"Every style of music has a different way of reaching our soul. We are made of vibrating matter or matter-made frequency. Music transmits us vibrations that come into harmony with us. Music in this way unites us."


Kumamoto, JAPAN

HIDEKI is a House music DJ, based in Kumamoto pref., Japan.
He won "Make A Legendary House Mix for Todd Terry", which was a world competition of DJ mix on Mixcloud in 2018, and now he has got so many listeners all over the world.
On Mixcloud, he is the first Japanese artist who was enrolled as SELECT and also he has the most followers, over 50,000 followers, in Japan.
He has provided his mixes to radio shows from more than 100 radio stations around the world.

(November 2019)

In winter 2019, he finally launched his residency party "SELECTED" at CABARET in his hometown Kumamoto.


Palma De Mallorca, Spain

Chris Marina has being prolific on the dance music scene since the 80's releasing dancefloor tracks on labels such as Rawtone, Hi-Bias,  Pornostar, No Definition, Jango Music, Good Measure Recordings, and Enormous tunes to name a few. 
An ever present in the Beatport, Traxsource and Trackitdown chart, ranking worldwide Top 20 DJ on Beatstats with his funky-, jackin- house style. 
Chris is playing a fresh & happy house style mixing various genre his very own refreshing way.



Owner/Operator East Coast Enery Radio
I am from New York and have a huge passion for all types of music. For the past few years I have been opening up my horizons with mixing the music I love.
I specialize in Hip Hop/Latin Music of all styles. My go to is Rock N Roll and Blues!


London, UK

With a serious history in everything Dance music, you’d be hard pushed to find someone more passionate about Electronic sounds than Jake Cusack. With an involvement in the scene lasting over two decades, he has inimitable experience and know-how that young producers would envy. From the humble days of DJing at the age of 14, to cutting dub plates to play in evening sets, he has experienced the underground side of Dance music and watched it flourish into the huge industry we know and love today.


Hackettstown, USA

I've just got back into mixing music after shelving it for about 20 years. Coming back to it and finding how it has changed. There's no more records or heavy lifting. I did a lot of sound engineering that has help sharpen my mixing skills. I've listen to some of the best in New York City. Taken notes from my teachers and put into my bucket of things to do.


Thessaloniki, GREECE

Mz. H (Olga Hatzigeorgiou) aka Mika Kaliva of Waves Radio, is a radio lover and her dream is to work for or collaborate with local FM radio stations on a daily or even on a weekly basis.... Known for her passion in music and her eclectic choices, her mixes derive from her heart and soul. She has great ear with new tracks and this ability is used while compiling and mixing her sets, which are dedicated to please the ears of her listeners. Thank You all for the love and support.


Kilburn (Derbyshire), United Kingdom

Born in the north east of England, Music has always been my inspiration. From a young age I was always playing music for others to listen to in church halls,Birthdays Weddings etc. I later graduated into pubs and clubs as regular booking started to come in.. I got myself established working in North and Central London after being hired by a DJ agency. I then began to work with them finding myself doing regular slots at many clubs and pubs working weekends.Over a period of time I worked abroad in such exotic places as Corfu, Rhodes, and southern Spain.
My main influences are All House styles, Funk Soul Disco and Trance. Having been a main room DJ, this means you mix up a bit of everything and I do. My mixes will roam through the various styles but I always say if you like it play it, chances are others will too. I've been told many times I have a good ear for finding a tune. Peace and Love


Georgia, USA

JAMAICA JAXX has over 30 years of professional DeeJaying experience. Played on Radio Stations, Mobile, Clubs, etc and is a Resident Dj @VJM Studios



I've always been into music. I was a break dancer in the 80's and big into Hip Hop music. I would record tapes on 88.9 to have the newest tracks.Till I went to my 1st Rave, it was then I fell in love with House music. I bought my first set of turntables in 98' and have been steadily playing music since. I tend to play a little outside the Main Stream, I've also have been able to branch out and play all different styles of music




Music is my passion!
A lover of all genres I found house music in 1993 and never looked back. Influenced by blues, funk, soul, old school hip hop and dub reggae my house sets have all these genres combined in them. 
A big thanks to East Coast Energy Radio for sharing the same passion and giving the opportunity for people to listen to all music and keeping it alive 
Music makes you feel....


Madrid, Spain

I have spent many hours dedicated, from collecting music, to long afternoons in many different places, giving the best of me, to transmit happiness and feel that energy reflected in people. From the beginning I marked an illusion, enjoy every minute with the music. With many years involved in the world of music for me, each mixed set is special.
Greetings to all friends!


Gipuzkoa, Spain

Born in 1975 in the Gipuzkoana town of Errenteria, it can be said that he lived the golden age of electronic music during the 90s, undisputed client of all the rooms throughout the Basque and national geography, following a multitude of DJ's who love electronic music in all its variants in 2015 decided to resume its fondness for electronic music, betting on a genre with very little pull in the national territory such as TRANCE, little by little and based on constancy and above all enthusiasm its name reaches the ears of the collective, THE ELECTRONIC REVOLUTION OF THE BASQUE COUNTRY, which invites you to participate in a championship at the regional level, true to its style of music TRANCE and against all odds it is possible to classify in second place, as a result of the championship known to more DJ'S of the geography with which it forms a great friendship From this alliance between DJ’S, the friendship that unites them, their passion for electronic music and their dedication, their styles begin to sound throughout the Basque geography, with a welcome that we never expected. Antxon Casuso, faithful to his style, do not ask him to mix another genre, he enjoys DJing, he infects you with energy, makes you get up and enjoy the best TRANCE ,,,, I have really seen him live and he is a master knowing how to reach the public and putting on a show worth seeing. With more than 4600 followers and more than 500 sessions in his space on the Mixcloud website, this Basque DJ has a lot of potential and a lot to offer to the Basque and National electronic scene. 


Coventry, United Kingdom

DJ Fazed is a vinyl DJ from Coventry, playing eclectic mixes from an array of different genres.
Playing strictly vinyl on the technic 1200's.
Resident DJ for Humans On Wax.


Bamako, Mali

Dion Jean Ferdinand and Sanou Amadou met in 2009 in Mali in a dance troupe called “Tanably” during a creation. And since then, they will always continue to work as a duo.
In 2010, they join a group called “Welekan” in Bamako in which they will both stay there as choreographers.
After several years of work, they will tour Africa in festivals such as the Guéva Festival in Man in Côte d'Ivoire, the Festival of Dialogue and the Body in (Faso), the Festival of masks in Conakry in Guinea, the Festival mask in Marakala in Mali, etc ......
In 2019, they will decide to add something more in what they can do. And reggae music, an idea originating from SANOU AMADOU, came to them. Hence the birth of the group “Black Racine”.
For two long years Jean and Sanou started rehearsals and continued to work behind the scenes for the purpose of their first album (CD). And that brought the first fruit entitled “Dernie


Alsfeld, Germany

At the age of 5; Doc Idaho discovered his love for music. The first track he got attached to, liked and it was his favorite song was: Upside Down by Diana Ross. That song had made a noticeable change and pushed him forward.
By the age of 7, Doc Idaho managed to put together his first Radio mixtape, which was popular in the family.
I the 90’s, he discovered another love for House and Techno music. He did Record several mixes and mixtapes such as The Legendary HR3 club nights. At the age of 18 is when he visited the first real club  - The Legendary Omen, Legendary Aufschwung Ost and Stammheim Kassel clubs was his second home.
In 2000, Doc Idaho started to play with vinyl without help and he kept spinning until 2007 when he took a break. Doc Idaho returned to the field in 2016 with more fire and passion for music and mixing, and again he started to spin vinyl.
Doc Idaho’s passion and love music especially House and Techno keeps gaining until today; he continues to spin Vinyl, Timecode Vinyl/Digital and he won’t stop!


Valencia, Spain

Hello everyone, I'm Frank Josh and I've come all the way from Spain to make you dance to the best electronic music sets.


Niedersachsen, Germany

DJ since 2000 with a passion for electronic music. Born in 1978, I discovered the electronic music very early, with the mixing I started only at the age of 20 years. I have been playing at small parties, for family and friends and until today the passion for mixing has not been lost. ;-)


Wijk Bij Duurstede, Netherlands

Erwin Rietbergen (the man behind Rewintrance) was born in Utrecht, The Netherlands in 1969. Since an early age he listened to the weekly Soul Show and offcourse In The Mix by Ben Liebrand. After Ben’s first Grandmix in 1983 he knew for sure: this is what he wanted to do. His first broadcoast on national radio was in 1988 in a program called ‘Dance Tracks’ (the follow up of Soul Show) with a remix of Michael Jackson’s Dirty Diana. More mixing skills were broadcasted on the famous radioshow from Robin Albers (Jaydee), who promoted the Dutch DJ scene with ‘Avro’s Drie Maal Doordraai’. In 1992 Erwin (with the nickname DJ Dr Nameless) reached the finals of the Dutch House DJ Contest, together with Tijs Verwest (yes, Tiësto himself), DJ Pavo and winner DJ Ozonic. Time passes by, just like life, but his passion for mixing never faded.


Medellin, Colombia

Love nature, love life, love music.
Food for your soul..VIII-MMXVII

"Respect and tolerance for everyone's social rights".


Latin Jazz, Funk, Soul, Fun Jazz, Electric Blues, Old Timers Jazz, Blues, Classic Rock, Hip Hop, R&B, Groove Soul, House Disco, Smooth Jazz, House.
Salsa, World Salsa, African sounds, Son Cubano, Merengue, Vallenato, ViejoTeka, Boogaloo, Pachanga, Charanga, Bachata, Reguetton, Urbana.


Paris, France

My artistic roots go back to my pre-teenage years when I learned to play the piano and studied music theory.  In subsequent years, these fundamentals made it possible for me to achieve many musical creations by synthesizer.

Originally from Brussels, I have been passionate with electronic music, and as such, I had the opportunity to discover numerous famous DJ’s from the 90ies and 2000’s (Sven VÄth, Carl Cox, Jeff Mills, Felix Da Housecat, Marusha, etc.) during performances in Flanders and at the FUSE in Brussels.  My love for this type of music became especially relevant while listening to countless “Serious Beats” records.

Electro music and it’s powerful beat will never cease to surprise me.  Having the opportunity to DJ myself, and to transfer this passion is my true happiness.


Rutherfordton, USA

Music is my love and passion. Been in the scene since late 90s and started Djing back in 2003. Growing my skills over the years and preparing myself for something bigger after doing mobile for 15 yrs I was ready for a change so i dropped mobile and started focus more on my own style and mixes.
Musical influence came from my club/rave experiences in 1999-2003,when trance music was on top. In 03 I turned my life over to Jesus and never looked back.


Toronto, Canada

Claudio Ferrone is an Italian/Canadian Producer and DJ, whose style represents a blend of North American and European minimal, house and techno influenced by Toronto’s famed multiculturalism.



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New York, USA

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